Glengarriff Bay Kayaking

The setting of Glengarriff Bay is truly stunning and when combined with the myriad of incredible wildlife which are on view (including seals, oyster catchers and sea otters) you can be guaranteed a magical experience.

Whether you experience a dazzling orange and gold sunrise over the quiet waters of Glengarriff Bay; or a mysterious grey and misty dawn over the ancient oak woods - this is an unforgettable kayak trip.

While the mountains slumber in their misty blankets; while the oak and birch woods doze beneath the dawn chorus; and the sea sleeps under pillows of seaweed - you will explore the intricacies of one of Ireland's most sheltered bays, with abundant seals, rich birdlife and numerous rocky islands.


Seal Island

Visit Seal Island by boat on your way to Garnish and see the large colony of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina). The colony is comprised of up to 250 seals resident in Glengarriff Harbour. The seals are very used to the Ferry’s and you will see them basking on the rocks, posing for photographs and swimming around without a care in the world!